A Kiss At Midnight   Feature   Drama


A moment of pleasure, a lifetime of regret


A past playboy struggling with fidelity, battles temptation when a past conquest makes an unexpected appearance on the eve of his “wedding,”


For MARTIN BAYFIELD keeping faithful to one woman has always been a nuisance. So deciding to commit himself to one lady “til’ death do us part” is a monumental leap of faith for this one-time philanderer. That leap is a mere 24 hours away.


Curiosity gets the better of Martin when he agrees to meet up with stunningly beautiful BIANCA an old high school flame currently in the midst of a separation and hell-bent on making up for lost time.



(to Martin)

That there is a whole new 

  level of bombshell.


At dinner with drinks flowing and sexual innuendos being passed off as small talk, a mutual attraction is clearly evident. Bianca testing the waters instigates a game of “spin the bottle. But for Martin, that damn wedding ring in his pocket is throwing a wrench into any possibility of taking a trip down memory lane. 

Choking on his delivery confessing that it is the eve of his wedding, Bianca creates a well-crafted guilt trip convincing Martin to extend their evening until Midnight.



I don’t chase girls.



That’s because you’ve never had one 

worth chasing.


Taking to the streets, their conversation deepens, regret, mortality and infidelity become topics of discussion. Bianca cleverly orchestrates an adult version of hide and seek exposing chinks in Martin’s battle-worn fidelity armor. His light of conviction is beginning to dim.

Temptation posing as a desperate housewife backs our protagonist into a corner. The clock strikes twelve. Bells begin to chime. Martin unsettled, Bianca trembling. With a quick strike Martin pulls her in. Lips lock; it is the Kiss At Midnight. 


In his moment of weakness, Martin invites her back to his studio. Sensing an opening, Bianca goes straight for the jugular. 


In the confines of Martin’s domain.



Truth dare or double dare?



I never understood the difference

between dare and double dare.





A harmless children’s game of truth or dare gradually escalates. Tension builds during an impromptu photo shoot that has our bombshell revealing her true motive. The continuous flash of the camera eventually ignites the slow burning fuse that blows the lid of Pandora’s Box.


Martin’s resolve nowhere to be found. He takes Bianca HARD to the floor. Her eyes light up with excitement. Unleashing upon her, the friction of skin SCREECHING against the wood floor becoming more amplified with each thrust. Martin letting loose, becoming increasingly physical. Skin tearing on the floor only intensifies their primal urge. 


In the aftermath of blood, sweat and fears realized, Martin is blind-sided by an admission from Bianca that they have a daughter. 



Stay away, your only a sperm 

donor to her.


Bianca BOLTS but not before warning him to stay clear of their daughter, emphasizing “You're dead to her!” In an uncontrollable rage Martin goes postal. Surveying the damage, he realizes Hope, his “fiance” at the door, crushed.. With the toss of her keys landing at Martin’s feet, she disappears

Martin walking the streets at sunrise. His beaten down being starkly contrasting the brightness of a rising sun. 


Martin standing in the bus station. Surveying, he locates Bianca on a bench, much less refined than from the night before. A young girl approaches her, guitar case in hand. Bianca collecting herself, they embrace. She catches site of Martin, the two lock on to each other. Bianca “that look” letting Martin know, do not do this.



(in french; english)

Last call for Toronto, last call.        


Bianca and the young girl embrace one last time, smiling. Bianca reluctantly heads for the train, the young girl walking in the direction of Martin. He can’t help but stare. The young girl noticing Martin staring as she approaches him. Young girl smiles as she walks past.


Bianca, a half smile, she turns, walks away. Martin exits the station. Martin’s dark soul contrasting with the bright glow of the morning sun  Dedicated joggers, young and old couples enjoying the possibilities of a new day.

Arriving back at his studio, Robyn slides out from the shadow of the entrance. Coffees in hand. Smiling.


A Kiss At Midnight is a no holds-barred film that explores the characteristics

unique to the “unloved” and to the ones incapable of love.

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